Why are probiotics good for children?

If you’re a parent, you know the challenges of getting your child to eat the right foods. It’s one thing at home to get him or her to eat healthy foods, but it’s a whole different situation once he goes to school or eats at a friend’s house.

The power of the media profoundly influences your child’s tastes and preferences – and it’s not sending the message you want. A 2015 study found that fast food commercials on TV featuring toy giveaways led children to ask their parents to take them to the restaurants. And the more often the children viewed these commercials, the more frequently they ate fast food! Today, over a third of U.S. kids each day eat the equivalent of a fast food small hamburger.

Fast food is just one of many things that can harm your child’s gut flora. Foods purchased at fast food restaurants tend to contain unhealthy fats, sugar, and bioengineered ingredients. Meats are typically sourced from factory farms and can contain residues from the antibiotics and bioengineered grains fed to the animal. These can have an adverse effect on your child’s beneficial gut bacteria and support pathogenic bacteria.